Reiki Aromatherapist Nu


Hi World!!!

This Is Nu!

I am here to heal You Holistically using FUSION of Reiki Healing System and Aromatherapy!

I am a Reiki-Aromatherapist, utilizing Essential Oils and Reiki Energy to improve the quality of people’s lives emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I provide Aromatherapy Treatments & Consultation online as a symptomatic relief.

I have a passion for nature and `am a strong believer in natural therapies and have been practicing this concept for the past few years with great success.

If you are plagued by insomnia, stress or a plethora of other ailments, Essential Oils fused with Reiki Energy can provide you with urgent relief.

Reiki-aromatherapy would rather improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. It can be practiced on its own or with other alternate therapies viz. massage, facial or reflexology.

I can prescribe necessary oils which could be used at home in the bath, or in a diffuser or burner for inhalation or could be blended into some lotions and creams.

I can also Guide you and teach you various healing modalities for your holistic wellbeing.

I can provide online support and guide you to use oils effectively in conjunction with Reiki Energy System

Results are Effective and Impressive! 


Launching My New Website:-


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